Group Training | Group Fitness Training In Clovis

 Brandon now offers group training at unbeatable rates in the Fresno and Clovis CA area.

Other than pricing, there’s many reasons why group training is beneficial. 

It’s fun to be around friends and meet new people. It's also fun to have a fun group trainer. 

This makes working out a breeze since time flies when you’re having fun.

 The social support is unreal. Everyone has the same goal of getting fit and takes joy in your success. 

 To be considered a group consist of just two or more people. 

That’s fantastic when the price drops to $25 a person.

It’s not difficult for Brandon to create a group around a timeframe that works best for you if you don’t have one.

It also makes for great couples therapy. Ever heard of date nights? 

That’s in the past. Get with fitness dates and have the kids watch by the daycare at the gym.  

Build stronger and longer relationships together.

To get in on group training in Clovis , contact Brandon today.