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Athletic trainers play a huge part in the prevention, management, rehabilitation, and recognizing injured athletes.

A good athletic trainer will have injury treatment and prevention programs using their knowledge of anatomy.

They also provide an important communication chain between the injured athlete and physician and coach and even an athletes family to determine when it’s right to return to the game. 

Brandon Lucas specializes in many things fitness, but he especially enjoys being an athletic trainer in Clovis.

In fact, it’s where his love for personal fitness stemmed from while in high school.

According to, an athletic trainers job is to help keep athletes healthy and performing at their peak.

This is exactly what Brandon Lucas does. 

Simply being a personal trainer in not enough for sports players. 

So what do they need that’s so special?

The medical aspect!

Brandon ensures sports professionals prevent injury, offers therapeutic rehabilitation and assist in diagnosis. 

He also helps those who aren’t athletes promote physical activities that don’t cause injurie.  

Brandon does all of this and takes it a step further by adding his own personal experience since he too was a sports athlete. 

These types of trainers are excellent for highschoolers, sports medicine clinics, colleges,  armed forces, dance companies, medical sales and professional sports teams.

Since Brandon travels, he can meet up with any one anywhere to get them the athletic training they need in the Fresno and Clovis, CA. areas. 

The need for an athletic trainer has grown very much in the past few years. 

If you have a need for the best  training around, contact Brandon today.