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Clovis fitness girl

Never Too Busy For Looking This Good

This client has such a wonderful outlook and great spirit. She is a mother of 2, works full time, married and still manages to find time to change her nutrition and pick up fitness in the evenings.

No one called me more than Emily for advice on food choices which meant she was hungry for the results and that’s how she lost 11lbs and 27% of her body fat in Lbs. in 6 weeks. 

Congratulations on an amazing summer bod!

Clovis fitness man

Amazing Transformations

6 week challenge second place winner!

Can you believe these results?  Absolutely killed it.

By using a combination of effective cardio, heavy drop sets of weights and controlled eating, he turned himself into a machine losing 41% of his body fat lbs and almost 20lbs of scale weight.

Proud to call this guy a friend. Congratulations!

Clovis mans fitness results

Many Satisfied Clients

Is this even real? Back in January Jon did my first contest and in 6 weeks dropped 8lbs of body fat. He wasn’t happy with the results so he did my next challenge in March. In just 6 weeks, Jon went from 19% bodyfat to 11% and losing over 24lbs of body fat in just 6 weeks!
What made him successful? Same as always. Dedication. He ate the same thing daily for 45days and did weights 4-5 days a week and ran 3-5miles 3-4 days a week. We found out that Jon was losing muscle so we even put in a Carbohydrate supplement to further help him stay lean!

Give me a better understanding of your personal needs.

Fitness Trainer Who Cares

Brandon takes your fitness goals seriously. He understands that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and his goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals. He will analyze your body type, BMI, and metabolism, to create your individualized fitness plan.

Flexible Scheduling

Brandon works with clients Monday through Saturday, 5am to 7pm. He will ask for 3 days (minimum) of training, but can work around other timeframes. You must call to figure out the perfect schedule for you both. 

Affordable Fitness

Only pay per training session. 

No monthly or weekly "up front" fee's. 

  • Private training starts at $65.
  • Group training (2 or more people) starts at $25 each. 

About Brandon

Brandon Lucas has been a personal fitness trainer in Clovis for over 8 years. He had a natural passion for fitness and training at an early age. His career boomed from Bally Total Fitness, where he started as a trainer and later was promoted to fitness manager. From there he managed and supervised more than 10 locations and built training programs for other personal trainers. Brandon currently runs exclusive private training sessions, training groups, and outdoor boot camps. He’s helped thousands of clients, which includes Fresno and Clovis most prestigious, reach their fitness goals in a short amount of time. According to Brandon, “There is no better feeling than having a client accomplish a marathon, fit into old pants, or just feel better about themselves in their favorite bikini or boardshorts!” 

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